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GM1500 Beekeeping Forklift 3300LB articulated terrain forklift truck for honey

Introducing the GM1500, the ultimate solution for beekeepers looking to streamline their honey production process. This powerful articulated terrain forklift truck is designed to meet the unique needs of the apiculture industry, offering advanced features and unrivaled functionality to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Equipped with a more powerful diesel engine, the GM1500 delivers the robust performance needed to handle the demanding tasks of loading and transporting honey and feeds. Its stronger structure chassis ensures durability and stability, even in rugged outdoor environments, making it the perfect companion for beekeepers working in diverse terrains.

In conclusion, the GM1500 is a game-changer for beekeepers, offering a powerful, reliable, and efficient solution for handling honey and feeds. With its advanced features and robust performance, this articulated terrain forklift truck is poised to revolutionize the way beekeepers approach their daily operations. Say goodbye to manual lifting and hello to enhanced productivity with the GM1500.

Product Detail

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Product Detail

We are glad to introduce a new design beekeeping forklift truck – the GM1500, a powerful articulated terrain forklift truck for honey .

With advanced features and unrivaled functionality, this machine equipped with more powerful diesel engine, and stronger structure chassis, also high effective hydraulic system, to make sure the lift capacity reach 1500kg.  

GM1500 will help beekeepers load their honey and feeds easily, ensuring optimum efficiency and productivity.

The GM1500 under nearly 1 year research and design, to meet the needs of beekeepers specifically, keeping in mind the challenges they face every day. This state-of-the-art tool seamlessly combines technological advancements with inherent knowledge of the beekeeping industry into a comprehensive solution that simplifies operations and maximizes honey production.

Main Parameters

Main Parameters

Engine Model Kubota (with EPA)
Hydraulic System Hydrostatic Transmission
Hydraulic Italy BONDIOLI & PAVESI
Drive type 4x4 WD
Gears F2+R2
Rated load 1500kgs
Max lifting height 3500mm
Forks 1070*100*31mm (Heat treated)
Tire specification 29*12.5-15
LED Lights 6 white + 2 yellow

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